Setup a business page on facebook

Facebook always tries to make changes and evolve from its previous versions. It does so to make people to setup a page. But never panic as we are here to provide you all relevant information about the setup of a page.

These are the steps to set up a Facebook page:

  1. 1.    Log into Facebook

First, you should have an account on Facebook. You can do it without making an account on Facebook. But we highly recommend that you should have a Facebook profile before proceeding further.

  1. 2.    Create a page while logged in as your profile

Go to . Have a look at the main categories of pages and choose one of the categories and type a name of your choice for the page.

  1. 3.    Add your profile picture

The profile picture is that picture that appears with every post in your feed from the page. The best size of the profile photo is 180 pixels by 180 pixels, but it may be of different dimensions. It can be selected from your computer, internet or instantly a picture can be taken by the webcam and can be uploaded by you.

  1. 4.    Add your basic about information

This is the part which consists the brief information about your page. It can be done in 155 characters. you should link to your website in this part as this is the most prominent field.

  1. 5.    Share something

You should share your first status update. It attracts people to your page.

  1. 6.    Add a cover photo

You should add a cover photo as no page is complete without a good cover photo. It can be 851 pixels by 315 pixels. A standard photo can be adjusted, so a standard photo should be uploaded.

  1. 7.    Add to your about page

You write about your company. What it can do for others should be mentioned in it.

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