Pros and Cons of Facebook Business Page



Sales Increment

People spend a lot of time on Facebook looking their profile, friends’ profile. While doing all these activities, they also have look on the ad published by e-shops. In this away the sale is increased.

Brand Promotion

Any business company needs to be liked by the user. After that his friends look the page and they also like it. In this way the brand is promoted and user can access that brand through his facebook page, too.

Good Relation With Customers

If the customers will get the access to the website outside the website, the more customers will be there to follow through e-shops.

Time Saving

This saves the time of customer as he can give review about the product through his Facebook account. The user can access the reviews of other users about the product and can have his decision about the product.


Controversial Website

Facebook has been in controversy for its privacy policy. It has been accused of tracking its users’ profile. Due to this many users might not go for e-shop through Facebook page.



Can Not Be Anonymous

Most of the people use their real name, hometown and other personal information on the Facebook profile. This might be a case of problem for the user who wants to be anonymous or pseudonymous in the Facebook page. So people might not look for other attraction.

Loss Of Trust

Sites that offers medical and financial information can loose the trust of their customers as many people think that it is another way to promote the product. It might make bad for such sites.

Preference Of Other Social Networking Sites

Everybody doesn’t use Facebook. Google+ and Twitter are also preferred by the people. So people using these sites might not welcome you with great interest.

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