Facebook landing page


What is Facebook landing page?

A Facebook landing page is that page which acts like a greet page for a new guest to that page. It is a page which gives you an overview about the page you have searched.

This page is generally used by the different businesses to increase the number of the fans and give the information about their product to the users so that they can have the branded experience.

A beautiful and effective Facebook landing is very important as beauty attracts everyone in this world. So Facebook landing page gains the most importance for a business.


Why is Facebook landing page so important?

The welcome page is generally set as the “Welcome” page for people who have not liked the page. Once the page is liked by the user, the page can be accessed by the users. But it is not true in all way. If a user visits a page without liking it’s content, he might be transferred to the “welcome” page automatically.

But the Facebook Landing Page gains the importance for these reasons:

  • You can show your products to the people
  • You can have the promotion of special products
  • You can link the people to your website to give them the vast information about your other products
  • You can entice the people to like your page so that they can get access to news, insight or deals about  the product
  • The page acts as CTA(Call-To-Action)
  • On the wall you can just post a pic of product, but on a landing page you can give more information about your company and your products.
  • A landing page tells user what to do about your product as he is not aware about your product.  A Facebook Landing Page tells the users about the further procedure.

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