How to set up a business Page


1.     Have a look on the quantity of your social engagement
You should always have look on the number of people who are following your company and rating your product. You have different methods to know this. To know this follow these steps:
Go to your business page.
Look for the most watched product.
The people who are reviewing these products, should be engaged day by day.
You can have the knowledge about any breakage in your social business site.

2.     Creation of a rating system
You can create a rating system for your social activities. When you post an update to your page about the new product, you get a lot of likes on the page. Next day when you update a new thing about that product, you see that more people are following it. It shows that people are aware about the product and they want to have most of the knowledge. So you should have a rating system for your products. It can be done in this way:
Likes : 1 point each
Comments : 3 points each
Shares : 8 points each

3.     Add more values of the product
You should add more information about the product. It can be done on many ways. You can add different pictures of the product, the market trend for that product. You can offer coupons for your product. In this way you can have the people attracted to your page and you can review how many people are watching your page.
To go for more you can follow these steps:
Use the rating system
Use coupons for promoting the product

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